Wireless Carrier Facility Maintenance


Tower Sites

  • Communications Shelter Design and Installation
  • Battery/DC Power System Maintenance and Replacement
  • Rooftop Equipment Installs
  • Decommissioned Equipment Removal
  • Ground System Analysis and Improvement
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Tower Lighting Installation and Maintenance (Flash Technology, Huey Phillips, Honeywell, etc...)

Cellular / PCS

  • Equipment Upgrades for Newer Generation Technology
  • Antenna System Upgrades
  • Antenna Azimuth and Downtilt Adjustments
  • Installation and Setup of Remote Electrical Tilt Adjustment Systems
  • Diplexer Installations for Dual-Band Antenna System
  • Radio
    • Transmission Line Fault Location and Repair 
    • Antenna Repair and Replacement
    • Frequency Translating Repeater Installs
    • FM Radio Subcarrier Network Maintenance 


    Other Technologies

    • Satellite Communications Systems (VSAT, DirecWay, MotoSat, Ku-Band, C-Band)

  • WISP Network Build-Out
  • Microwave System Installation and Alignments