Equipment for Sale
Our on-hand inventory includes ready-to-install outdoor equipment shelters and outdoor equipment microshelters/cabinets. For sale as is or with installation services.

Outdoor Equipment Shelters:   Available in two sizes,   4' x 6' and 6' x 8'.  The fiberglass shelter was manufactured by Switzer,  in Illinois.  They have a 1 ton Sun Air   AC unit with a 2.2kw heater, 100amp electric panel, several electric outlets, fluorescent lights, thermostat controlled exhaust fan, 1 cable entry port, and generator access door.   They are fiberglass skinned inside and out, with 2  ¾" sheets of plywood between fiberglass for flooring, foam insulation and ½" plywood in the walls and ceiling.  They were designed to withstand 150mph winds and all weather conditions, empty weight 1250lbs.  Construction drawings are available.


Outdoor Microshelter/Equipment Cabinet : These aluminum cabinets were designed to be installed outside, protecting the equipment in any conditions.  These units were used all over the US, from Alaska to the southern tip of Florida.  It's basically a 19" rack 6' tall with aluminum skin, stainless door handles (nothing to rust), insulated, 6000BTU McLean AC unit with thermostat control, Dayton exhaust fan, wired with several electric outlets, 1 cable entry port, accessible space below to facilitate wiring  for power and backhaul, empty weight approximately 650lbs.  These units really are quite impressive.